This page will feature special pieces that I will be doing from time to time.  They are not Skull-A-Day related, but I hope you will find something that you like.  To order any of these simply add them to your PayPal cart or contact me directly at

This piece is a bottle given new life with a little help of some etching cream and stained glass paint.  It is a pint sized bottle of one of my favorite beverages.  Of course now it is empty, but you can safely refill it with any liquid of your choice, or just set it up for viewing at your pleasure/leisure.  One side features a custom skull etching and the other features a recognizable symbol of Freemasonry known worldwide.  I have a certain attachment to the Freemasonry aspect of this piece so I please ask that only brothers of the craft place an order for this one.  $35 including shipping.